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13 Jul

How To Handle Exam Fever in Kenya

It’s July. That period in time when candidates sit for their Mock exams. School corridors are filled with nerve wrecking candidates, they have been made aware of the intensity of these assessment. Ofcourse, they know their result in the mock exams could define their ultimate performance in the final papers come third term. But is this really true?

Considering that this may be the very first time that the students sit for an exam of such importance, the pressure is heavy from their parents, teachers, peers and even their inner academic giants. They will be seated in venues that they have never thought could serve as examination rooms and exposed to exam regulations that probably have never been in use before. And then, an invigilator will stand before them and proclaim: Commence.

Different people react differently to pressure. There are those that thrive in these situations but most of us do not. Most people are not built for high pressure environments and they easily cave. With too much pressure students panic and end up underperforming. But worry not.It is for this reason that Mock exams exist.

Better the shock in the Mock than the shock in the finals, right?

So as a parent, take this time to calm your candidate’s nerves. Remind them that this period is purely to prepare them for sitting exams. To help them familiarize themselves with the exam venue and exam regulations. That although performance in this papers may mirror the final grade, there is still time before Finals to revise revision strategies, improve memory and pay more attention to weaknesses.

Remind them that if they could sit through this Mock exam, then the final exam will most definitely be a walk in the park. And if the Mock exam took a turn for the worse, there still is time to practice. All they have to do is keep calm. After all, their whole academic lives have been leading to this very moment.

Authored By: S Jam


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