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15 Jul

Why school bags dont last!

Buying school bags can be tiresome. Moving from one shop to another trying out different sizes and different quality, and before you know it a whole day is spent. Finally when you get a decent bag or one your kid likes, it barely lasts a term and you are back to the same process again.

To avoid this tedious process you can use these quick tips: 

First; understand the purpose of the bag, are you looking to buy a durable bag to last for a year plus? Are you looking for a pretty bag? Or you are in the last minute shopping where any bag will do as long as you don’t miss the opening day deadline.

For option 2 remember Kids are cartoon fanatics. Try out shops that stock cartoon bags mostly imported from the Middle East or check online. They are many varieties from backpacks, pull alongs, trolleys, 3D and shiny 5D bags.

For option 1 material and stitching is key, and of course it will be expensive. If you are price conscious second hand (mtumba) will sort you out, its good quality and cheaper. We also have great tailors around, to sew a good canvas or denim (jeans) bag. Tailors can also embroider the kids name on the bag.

For option 3, if you really must buy in a hurry, do a quick evaluation. Stretch the straps to see if the stitching is strong enough, if it unstitches easily it’s not good quality. You can ask assistance from the shop attendants, a quick question like ‘bag gani mzuri ya mtoto wa shule’ will do. You can also give your kid your old laptop bag and get a new one later.

Quick Reminders,
Check the size; it should be proportional to the kids back, a good size should not extend the kids back. There are online websites which have size charts or size specifications for each class.

Zippers; Large strong zippers and thick zipping are advisable. Strong zipping will withstand the weight of textbooks jackets and sport shoes.

Partitions; should be spacious roomy, many partitions are advisable to separately store books, sports kits, jackets, stationery and other accessories, if your kids mix everything in one partition you have some parenting to do.

Side pocket a side pocket for water bottles.

Sharp stationery should have a separate partition some bags have a small partition for that. External or internal, both are fine.

Where to get good school bags
Try online, it saves you time and energy, plus they do delivery, so u won’t have to lift a muscle. Check Facebook, OLX, Gobooks. Checkout Bata shops across the country and main uniform shops 

Authored By: S Jam



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