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15 Jul

Boarding School or Day School? What Kenyan parents should know

It has been said: ‘When kids enter high school, the relationship with the teacher is as powerful as the precision of the curriculum or the structure of the school day, and the intensity of boarding school allows for teachers to be a powerful motivating force in kid’s lives.’

As a parent, there comes a time when you ask yourself ‘which is the better option for your child, Boarding school or Day School?’

So, I’ll just try to help you out. But remember, the decision is entirely up to you. This article will feature the pros and cons of boarding school. The next article will be for day school and finally you can make up your mind.

Why Boarding School?
Round the clock education.
It’s the school’s responsibility to account for how students spend their time. When your child is outside class, they are doing homework or acquiring informal skills in extra-curricular activities. Kids will not only be academically equipped but they will also build on their non-academic talents.

Built in social life.
No man is an island. Boarding school exposes kids to students from all walks of life. They will have to interact with each other, shares their interests and forge an everlasting relationship. The friends made in boarding school spend all their school days together and will also look out for each other. Don’t you want that for your child?

Improve family relationships.
Time spent away from home creates room for nostalgia. When the kids return home and realize they have limited time to spend with their family, they tend to make the best out of it. Parents will have the opportunity to associate and make merry memories with the kids.

From a young age, the bird will have left the nest and learnt to exist on its own, make its own decisions, take account for its own actions and be on the lookout for itself. The bird in question here is your child in boarding school, growing up to be a responsible citizen and when the time comes to exist on their own, they shall embrace it with grace.

Miss out on their childhood.
Boarding school will relinquish your parental responsibility and hand it to the school professionals. You will miss out on many achievements and failures of your child. Although, for career focused parents this may not be that big a deal as you get time to progress your career without worrying about your child’s whereabouts.

Your child is bound to miss home, miss you…
Some can adapt and others find it difficult and consequently it may reflect by underperformance or anti-social behavior. It’s hard to predict how well their children will adapt.

Definitely. Boarding school costs more. Ensuring your kid is home away from home requires funds which reveal themselves to us in form of school fees.

Watch out for Part 2 as we also analyze Day school

Authored By: S Jam


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