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15 Jul

Parenting modern kids

Millenial is the term used to define the generation of our children at the moment. Children born after the millennium. The tech-savvy generation that are introduced to smartphones at a tender age. These children know all there is to social media networks. They run their own accounts, generate their own content and somehow manage to gunner as many followers as their celebrity idols.

Do we know why our kids love Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and why they are so torn apart by the fact that those two broke up a couple of years back? Do we care to listen to the music that they are exposed to on Youtube that happens to be uncensored? How sure are we that what they are exposed to on the internet is actually good for them? Did you know that nowadays there are online magazines? Also called blogs.

These online magazines have everything under the sun. Are we alright with having our children have access to all these knowledge literally at the tip of their fingers?
Being a parent in this millennial era is not easy. And while we acknowledge that we have our teachers to discipline our children when they go wrong, we still need to acknowledge the fact that they cannot do it by themselves. There’s only so many children one can keep their hawk eyes over.

I’m not coming to you with a simpler way. There is no logical method when it comes to parenting. I just want to advocate for vigilance. The only way you can determine who your child grows up to be would be going about it the old fashioned way. Being there. You have to be present in your child’s life. Choose to be the constant figure that they can run to come rain or shine. Be accountable for that/those lives you brought to this world and see to it that they turn out better at the end of it all. A whole other generation is dependent on you. No pressure.
Authored By: S Jam


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