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25 Jul

Election talk 2017

Words have the power to either make or break a person. I like to believe that’s why we were given brains. So that we could think first then talk later.
Elections are approaching. The temperatures in the political scenes are rising and there is tension all over. We are all trying to speak out for who we stand by. That’s okay. It’s alright to speak your mind. Freedom of opinion is a constitutional right.

But while we do this, are we considering the young ones and what impact these sort of discussions have on them?

Children’s minds cannot be classified as mature. They are not yet able to objectively grasp political discussions since they are still growing into their own selves. Therefore your child is more likely to side with your political inclination because they know no better. He or she will also most likely echo your opinions to his or her friends when playing outside with or back in school. Now, this may not necessarily be a problem but if your political affiliations are on the basis of hatred, tribalism or any other forms of discriminations, this is what the young one will take to heart and it will grow to large proportions that may even showcase themselves in form of aggression and/or including violence.

Kids will be back for the holidays just before elections and during the period immediately after. They will watch debates on TV, read newspapers and magazines, interact with the general public on social media networks and listen to politicians on radio. Try hard as we may to hide them from all this, we may not really be able to. The media isn’t always the devil. Sometimes, the devil lies on the bed that is our tongue.

I, therefore urge parents all over and the society in general to be keen on what the children are exposed to and of the words they say to them. You have a chance to bring up a whole generation free of ethnic bias. I suggest you take this opportunity and run with it. As Barack Obama once said, we exist on earth, to make it a better place for future generations to come. How about we ensure the future generations are worthy of the world we leave them in. 


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