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20 Nov

Growing up, most of us had the pleasurable experience of having our parents narrate to us about how great they were in their academics despite all the challenges they had to go through to actually get to school. And it was good a way to motivate us to work harder so that we could also be number ones like our parents were. But what happens when you realise that your child isn’t a number one material?

What do you do? Do you go ahead and call them a fool and quit with them because suddenly they are good for nothing? Or do you try to get to the bottom of the problem and slowly but surely and together work your way to the top?

Every parent hopes that their child is somewhat short of a genius because if they were geniuses then again we wouldn’t know how to go about it. So smart is okay. As long as they can make it to the crème de la crème of their class, you’re good to go but what if they are always in the bottom half category? What happens then?

First things first, as a parent, you need to adjust your mentality to suit the issue at hand. Understand that different students are gifted differently. This therefore means that you shouldn’t compare your child’s grades to that of another student. It creates resentment at an early age and that is unhealthy. Instead encourage them to strive to get better grades than what they scored the last time. This way, they are not working to be better than someone else; they are instead working to be the best versions of themselves.
Also, find out what subjects your child is really good at and have them maximize in those and then find out the ones that they do not care for and try to understand why. After that, just as you worked on your own psychology try to change their way of thinking by finding out how they can make these subjects more fun and easier to learn. This is because the only way that your child’s performance will get better is if he/she works on both their strengths and even harder on their weaknesses. That way the final grade balances itself.
Finally and most importantly, never let your child’s failures ever be used to define who they are for it is in falling that one learns to fly.

Authored By: S Jam


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