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14 Dec

Being a child isn’t easy. You always have to keep your stationery close by and have extra just in case you misplace or someone steals them. But that’s the easy part. The hard part is going back home to mummy and daddy and explaining how the set of pencils bought yesterday went missing today or how the quality ink spilt on floor while you were filling your pens, or how the nibs of your pens don’t write anymore because one end broke.

At a young age, there is no such thing as ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ This is because for that young mind; the worst that could happen is that lecture that they aren’t prepared for or the beating that scares the life out of them, or worse, the possibility of not having a pen tomorrow because daddy is trying to teach us a lesson on responsibility and accountability. As a kid you would wonder what do these words even mean.

When we go to boarding school the items kids lose become of higher value. Shirts, sweaters, shorts, skirts, textbooks, shoes. Not forgetting the drama that unfolds when you lose your shoes. Up until today I don’t understand how we lose shoes in school. I mean where they could have gone to is a mystery considering it was an enclosed environment. But we lost them anyway and got punished and lectured and punished again. Life!

A couple of years out of school and I realize why replacing uniforms was always such a big deal. ‘They are pricey’. Sometimes a parent has to deliberate, ‘will they buy uniform or will they pay fees?’ Because the damage is quite hefty. And I get where all this frustration comes from. But we still need to understand that sometimes, it’s not about the children being irresponsible. Sometimes other students just tend to have an eye for other students property and they always get away with such crimes. They are not supposed to, but lack of labelling makes theft so easy.

As parents we need to remember to label kids belongings. It may cost a more to get everything labelled but at least in the long run, the items will last. Your kids won’t like it but if the labels are put in visible areas then what are the chances of someone who isn’t your child rocking that item?

Have an emergency kitty. Like we save up for school fees, shopping and pocket money. How about we put a little something on the side for emergencies such as lost clothes, shoes, textbooks and the like so that these things don’t catch us unaware. Sure, it would be prudent to have your kids know that they need to be responsible for their property while in school and even outside but at the end of the day, when they go back to school, you’ll still have to do the shopping.

For the stationery, the easiest way to keep them safe is to invest in a pencil pouch. That way everything is always where it should be. For the younger ones, there are bags available with name embroidered labels and partitions for stationery, lunch, water bottles and P.E kits. Check out in tailor shops and online at www.gobooksdelivery.com


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