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11 Mar

Learn the best way to help your kids overcome bullying.

People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
People will never forget how you made them feel
– Maya Angelou
This quote surely applies to both negative and positive feelings.
Lets begin by debunking the difference between bullying and general peer conflict since these two are normally misconstrued.
In peer conflict, the children are usually equal parties or are friends. The conflict is occasional or accidental and there is an equal emotional reaction to the conflict. Peer Conflict for children is good because not only does it help them learn how to come to agreements with each other, it also helps them understand that relationships are also about give and take. The icing on the cake is that through these disagreements, they are able to learn how to resolve conflicts and these skills enable them to better listen to and work with others.
Bullying is different. It is repetitive or has the probability to be repeated, intentional and involves a power imbalance in the form of either physique, access to things of importance or just bullying for popularity. It could be physical, verbal or emotional in nature and in this digital age, it could even be online.
So the big question, how do you respond to bullying?
As a parent you need to offer support to your child. This could be done by maintaining open lines of communication, actively listening to the child’s experiences, at all costs avoid blame and instead empower him/her. Most of the times when the people we love get hurt, our first reaction is to go after the bully but it is actually advised to check on the victim first and how well they are coping and what their thoughts regarding the situation are.
After that, it is then advised to report the incident. It could be to the teacher or to the administrative party or one could also browse on the school’s bullying policies and use this as ammunition to ensure that proper action is taken.
For cyber bullying, teach kids the stop, block and report mantra.
Stop; Teach children not to engage with bullies or even retaliate online.
Block; Teach them to block the user from sending any more mean messages or even delete the account and shut down the application if need be.
Report; Help them understand the need to report to an adult that they trust by curbing the snitch mentality.

Authored by S Jam


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