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31 Mar


How do I get my child to school

More often than not, when our children get to school going age, we begin to fret. Not only are we faced with the responsibility of picking the best schools for our kids, but after that milestone, then how do we get our kids to these amazing schools, every day for the rest of their curriculum years? Do we have the capacity to take them to school ourselves every morning in good time and still avoid getting late to work? Can we afford the school bus? What to do? Well, here are a few options to pick from.

1. Official School Bus
This is the official mode of transportation provided for by the school, at a certain fee which may be included in the school fees or charged separately depending on the school. Fond childhood memories are made from the school bus.

For kids, the trips to and from school in the school bus are longed for. That is a good thing because your kids get to make friends in the bus as well as learn to interact with each other. They also get to abiding by school bus rules such as keeping the aisles clear and understanding the importance of seatbelts.

In terms of safety, now that all school buses are required to be yellow in colour to make them easier to spot by other motorists; this is a brilliant way to reduce accidents significantly. You can also be assured that the driver is well trained and in cases of misconduct, you would know exactly who to hold accountable.

2. Privately Owned School Transport Services
Do you feel that your child is too young to have to walk to the bus stop by himself/herself that early in the morning? Well, this option is for you. Privately owned school transport services involve drivers who ferry kids to school and pick and drop them straight at the doorstep.

Their services are cheaper as compared to school buses and your kids get the chance to make friends with kids from other schools.

And the best part, this mode of transport is unaffected by transferring kids from one school to another, they can always retain the same van or Nissan without you having to lift a finger.

3. Carpooling.
The same way you would have your friends drop you at work, the same concept is applicable to your children. All you need to do is identify parents who live in the same estate as yourself and have kids attending the same school.

It is that much cheaper and much more safer since you know that your kids are always in the capable hands of a fellow parent or yourself. In the event of a traffic offence the responsibility may lie heavily on you but then again, the same way you would like another parent to be cautious with your kids is the same way you would be with theirs right?

4. Motorcycle Taxis (Bodabodas)
We have all used a ‘boda’ at least once in our lives. Different people have different experiences. For instance we all know that when you’re using a nduthi, safety precautions require that you wear a helmet, but how many times have we hopped on to a bike without one?
Think about it. Then think about this…you know how wobbly a bike gets when there are more than two people on it? Now picture a boda with five kids on it all being taken to school.

Is that the kind of surety you want for your kids? This mode of transport may be cheap and convenient. But I urge you to carry out due diligence. Be sure that the boda you put your child on every day will not out of the rider’s negligence, be the reason for your unsettled heart.

5. Parents cars.
Finally, if you have a ride and you know you can handle taking your child to school every morning in good time and still pick them up every evening also in good time and still have your daily schedule unfazed by this, then absolutely go for it. Besides, the safest place your child could ever be is with you, right?

Authored by: S Jam



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