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31 Mar


Find out why co-curricular activites are necessary!


Have you ever thought about how effective you are during the day when you go for your morning jogs or hit the gym or even just take a walk? How amazing is that feeling afterwards, when you get to work and your brain is on a roll. You register more productivity and that puts a smile on your face because, you did it.

Our kids deserve that exhilaration too. We are always so focused on trying to get them to top academically so much so that we forget that getting to the top isn’t about reading all the time. It’s also about taking some time off to do something we love. It could be music, drama, art or even sports.

The joy that comes with these activities takes away the pressures of everyday struggles from our kids and when they get back to class, they are more rejuvenated.

See the thing with co-curricular activities is that not only does it help your kid plan his/her time well to incorporate both her academics as well as her other hobbies, it teaches them the value of teamwork.

The importance of working together with other people to attain a certain goal and that way when they head back to class, they know that their success is not dependent on just them. It’s a team effort that spans the whole network of the self, the teachers, to her desk mate and overall to her class at large.

They also understand the importance of learning from their failures.

They get that just because we lost today, it doesn’t mean we give up. No. They learn to try, try again.

Carrying this mentality to class is what will have them putting in more effort in their studies because they understand that just because today our performance wasn’t up to par, doesn’t define us.
We can still correct mistakes, put in more work and succeed.

Above all, co-curricular activities teach children things that they otherwise would not learn in class because these are not emphasized on in the curriculum. So as a parent, encourage your children to engage in co-curricular activities.

This way, your kid will not just be book-smart, and street-smart as well. And in my opinion that is what you call all-rounded development.

Authored By: S Jam



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