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15 Apr

Kids activities for school break


School’s out.
The holidays are here and our estates are filled with children of all ages everywhere. So the house is full once more and we need not to let our children develop into couch potatoes. As a concerned parent, what do you do? My advice:

1. Sleep
Let them sleep and eat as much as they want to. This especially goes for those that go to boarding schools. I am sure 8/10 of us in every gathering attended a Kenyan boarding school so I don’t have to explain about the meals and the crazy study hours. School can be really exhausting and that’s why we have breaks. So let them get enough sleep and have healthy eating habits. Watching movies every once in a while should also be encouraged. Of course, what they watch should be closely monitored.

2. Study Plan Timetable
I would recommend a study plan depending on your child’s academic performance and recommendations made by their teachers. This is key in improving and maintaining good grades since It would be unfortunate for them to go back to school and have to start from scratch in terms of revision.

3. Documentaries
In addition to that, watching documentaries could be really helpful in helping them to think outside the box and learning history of the subjects they specialize in. For example, Computer studies, music and art. These are just but a few of the subjects that now test general knowledge which is not normally captured in the curriculum hence would be a great aid to them in terms of new information. And the beauty of learning new things from TV is that it really helps in memory retention.

4. Mingle
Outside home it is advised to let the kids mingle with each other. The holidays are the only way they get to contact old friends and maintain the new ones. As a parent especially to kids in their teenage years you may be wary of new friends due to insecurities like sex and drugs. However if you communicate with your kids and outline precaution to misleading friends instead of just restricting, you would get a better response.  Restriction courts rebellion and it never goes well.

5. Clubs for kids in holiday
Enroll them in clubs. These could be church clubs or even sports clubs so that they are constantly active doing things that will not only be beneficial to their health in the future but also to their social wellbeing.

6. Volunteer Activities
Finally, you could consider giving back to the community by having them sign up for volunteer activities. It will help them get a view of what the world outside of school looks like so that from a young age they understand not to take what they have for granted.
Authored by S Jam


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