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22 Apr

Do you know whats different in the new curriculum? 


Here are 9 key points to help you understand the Competency Based Curriculum

The key details of the New Curriculum that started in January 2018:
Competency Based Curriculum

2 years - Kindergarten, 
6 years Primary school: 3 years Lower Primary and 3 years Upper Primary, 
3 years Junior Secondary, 
3 years Senior Secondary and 
3 years University 

1. 8-4-4 is being phased out systematically.

2. The New System has No provision for Baby Class (which usually accommodates children below 4 years).

* Children will join Pre-Primary 1 or PP1 at 4 Years and Pre-Primary or PP2  at 5 Years.

3. They will then undertake a Formative Assessment before  joining Grade 1.

* They will proceed to Grade 2 and Grade 3 in consecutive years ending Lower Primary School.

4. They will undertake another  Formative and National Assessment before joining  Grade 4. 

* They will consecutively proceed to Grade 5 and 6, ending Upper Primary School. 

* Grade 6 which will be equivalent of the current class 6 will be the end of their Primary School life.  (Currently class 8).

5. The students will undertake  another Formative Assessment before joining Grade 7.
* Consecutively proceeding to Grade 8 and 9. That brings an end to Junior High School.

6. The students will then undertake a Formative and National Assessment. 

* Upon completion they have a choice to proceed with Technical Education or join Senior High School. 

* By joining Senior High School, the students will proceed to Grade 10, 11 and 12 respectively.

* Upon completion of Senior School, the students join university.

7. Students currently in class 3 to Class 8 are proceeding with 8-4-4 before it is completely phased out.

8. The New System will start with the children who will join class 1 and 2 in 2018 is  TALENT BASED than Academic based. 

9. At 3 years if you must enroll your baby in a school, go for one that meets the New System requirements for Day Care.

* No teachers will attend to them because no academic learning should take place in Day Care Centres.

* In their place will be Care - givers. 

* Children will learn Oral Skills, Creativity Skills, Social Skills, Potty Training, Behaviour and Sports. 

* Go for a school with adequate space/ playing grounds. Not only beautiful classrooms. 



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