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15 Apr

Where to find good tutors for home tuition

Last week we gave you an article on Tutors and what you need to know about them

These week get a follow up article on where to get good tutors in Kenya

These are a few of the places in Kenya that we could find for you to visit and be well on your way to your child’s first class: Start your search online with these websites 

In this website there are a list of private tutors that have been profiled based on their preferences and academic qualifications as well. To get in touch with them, one needs to create a Kenyaplex account on the platform so that you can communicate with the teachers from the website directly. This may seem as an inconvenience to you since you would probably rather their phone numbers were just all out but given this is the digital age, the last thing we need would be our teachers shying away from these sites due to spam callers or unfriendly stalkers. The best part about this platform is that it gives you access to tutors from all parts of the country. It doesn’t matter where you are, they can get you a teacher very close to your home.

This website functions almost similarly to Kenyaplex. However the most significant difference is that it only focuses on Nairobi area. Therefore if you are outside Nairobi looking for a tutor, this is not the place for you. If you are in Nairobi however and looking for a more filtered out option, this is definitely the site for you.

It could be 8-4-4, it could be 2-6-3-3, it could be IGCSE, whatever the curriculum your child partakes there are tutors for it and with even more variety. You need a live in tutor, you call these guys. You need an after school tutor, you call these guys. You need a tutor for long term or short term, they’ve got you covered. The only drawback is that they are bound to just Nairobi. But other than that, why not?

Here you have tutors as well as caregivers for your children. They could be full time or part time and they are available to you based on your job specifications. And given how specific they are to your needs I think it helps to know that their services are available country wide so you can add location to your list of specifications.

Once you embark on this journey, remember to be careful and carry out due diligence. Keep in mind that these are people you are bringing into your home, to interact with your children almost as much as they interact with you. Good luck.

Authored By: S Jam


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