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01 May

What, where and why of Nemis

Everything you need to know about NEMIS
What is NEMIS?

NEMIS stands for National Education Management Information System

It was introduced by the Ministry of Education Kenya in 2017,

NEMIS is for recording and organizing student information.

NEMIS also gives students unique identification numbers to identify students, just like the way National IDs are given to adults above 18.

Only difference is they will not be given cards but the student identification numbers will be available in government and school records.

Information captured y NEMIS include

Student birth certificate

Student Name

Student nationality

Student Home County and Sub County

Student Gender

Student Special needs if any

Parents/guardian contacts

Parent/ guardian Identification number

Parent/ guardian contact number

All schools were given a directive by the ministry of education to ensure they capture all their students data and upload them online in the nemis portal before second term 2018.
Get more information in http://nemis.education.go.ke


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