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07 Sep

Preventing anxiety in students - Your kids mental health.

It’s third term. Finally!

Now we are relieved from all the back to school drama but before taking a breather its visiting day again, or for some of us, prayer day.
For those of us with candidates, we are tense. Quick to update ourselves with current affairs. That’s a good thing. The media is awash with a lot of information about the upcoming exams.   
So our kids just reported to school, and we’ve pressured them to do well. They must do well, right! You know all our investments in their lives were legitimately leading up to this moment.
Sit for national exams and pass.
Or better yet not just pass, but pass with ‘flying colours’. 
Ofcourse they know this, and hopefully they have put their best feet forward to make it happen. Right! I also agree.

But as a parent I ask.  Have you stopped to talk to your child and confirm that they are okay psychologically? 

By any chance are they caving under the pressure of making you proud?  Is their mental health up to par or is this a non-issue for you?
Are you quick to taunt them for poor performance and sudden misbehaviour or do you delve deeper to understand the issue?
Suicide rates among teens in Kenya are very high in this period.  I urge, that as parents we try to ensure that our children are mentally sound.
You can avoid ' lectures '  and acclamations of disappointment.  Instead you can try conversations, constructive criticism and prayer. Think about it and do share your thoughts with us.
Authored By Sjam.


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