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04 Oct

Why you need to save for education! Part 4

Here is a list of some of the best education cover providers in Kenya
List of education insurance providers in Kenya
1. Elimika  Education Policy                       UAP insurance
2. Rafiki Halisi Education plan                    Old mutual insurance
3. Max Education Plan                                 Old mutual insurance
4. Lengo Education plan                              Old mutual insurance
5. Career Life Lite                                         Jubilee Insurance
6. Academia Education policy                    CIC Insurance
7. Elimu Bora education plan                      Britam Insurance
8. APA Elimu                                                  APA insurance
9. Scholar education plan                            Liberty insurance
10. Educator education plan                       Liberty insurance
11. Bima ya Karo                                           Madison Insurance company
12. Usomi Bora education policy                 Insurance Company of East Africa(ICEA)

13. Educator Plan                                           CFC Life Assurance Ltd
14. Education Plan with profits                     Apollo Life Assurance Limited
15. Educare Education Plan                          Standard Chartered Bank
16. KCB Elimisha                                             Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
17. Career Life Gold Education Plans           Jubilee Insurance
18. Madison Uniplan                                       Madison Insurance Company
19. E-Plus Policy                                             Britam Insurance
20. Education Savings Plan                           Jubilee Insurance
21. Super Education Plus                               Britam Insurance
22. Usomi Bora                                                ICEA Lion Group
23. School Insurance                                      Resolution Insurance             


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