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06 Jun

4 Brilliant activities for half term

Half term is coming what have you planned!

In a few days kids will be all over the place and tracking their daily activities will be tricky.

Though, have you ever considered kids clubs?

Enrolling them in co-curricular clubs helps to track where they are; who they are with; what they are up to; and when to expect them back home.

I have a few ideas for you to choose depending on what works best for you.
The Young Researchers Club
The National Museum of Kenya in collaboration with NPO Pangaea; a Japanese Non-Profit Organization founded the Young Researchers Club in 1997. They target children between the ages of 8 and 13. The aim is to offer interactive learning materials and activities to children with a view to enhance understanding of science and culture, and offer a better access to museum collection and expertise. The club focuses on activities and publications related to Cultural, Historical and Natural diversity of Kenya and how to conserve it.
Find out more here: https://www.museums.or.ke/childrens-section/

The Nairobi Art Centre
If your kids are big on arts and crafts, The Nairobi Arts Centre located in Lavington is a place where children of all ages get to try all sorts of new and exciting arts and crafts techniques ranging from drawing, painting, creating batiks and so much more. You can also count on them to organize Arty Party holiday workshops, after school clubs, birthday parties, Saturday Clubs and term-time school visit-workshops / field trips as well as drawing classes, painting, pottery and fabric painting for teens.
Want to sign up the kids already? Learn more: https://www.nairobiartcentre.org/kids-workshop/

Religious Clubs
Most places of worship have activities for kids over the holidays, given that there’s all sorts of clubs for various ages that have a myriad of things to do which stem from cleaning the church to participating in music festivals and going on trips or holiday camps with fellow mates. This could be where they bulk up on religious knowledge, meet and make new friends and learn camping skills/etiquette.
You don’t even need to go far for this one, just take them to church!
For those of us looking for fun activities to help kids relax, visit the online events portal called KenyaBuzz. They have information on kids events and movies you can take them to watch. You can get a good adventure for the kids, and for sure, they will thank you for it. Your peace of mind will be guaranteed.
Check it out: https://www.kenyabuzz.com/lifestyle/category/kids/
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