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05 Aug

Top 5 Benefits of Colouring to Preschoolers

1.Develop Psychomotor Skills
Holding the pencil and controlling it to colour helps kids coordinate and develop hand muscles. The more they colour the more they develop coordination skills.

2.Develop Confidence and Self Esteem
Ever notice the look on their face when they complete a colouring exercise! That sense of pride and satisfaction will motivate kids to be better achivers as they grow up.

3.Enhance Language Development
Immediately you spot them colouring, kids will always explain what they are doing. That experience of wanting to express themselves helps them develop their language

4.Learning to plan
Colouring involves alot of steps. By letting kids colour you help them appreciate processes. They have to decide which colour to use, where to start and finish. This helps them develop basic planning skills.

5.Improved Handwriting
The earlier kids learn to grip and control movement of their hands when colouring, the easier it will be them to transition to writing.

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